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lessons learnt digitally
New Blog By Margie Ciku 
[ 12 people have read this blog ]
It has been let’s say a decade since I cleared high school and believe you me it has been quite a journey. If I may put it in black and white, it has had its share of good and bad; bumps, potholes and smooth roads; rainy days and sunny days. All an experience I will forever treasure for I have learnt a lot and I mean A LOT! I have tried fighting a couple of academic battles to see...Read On
New Mentor  Peter dickson
Occupation Am married
Affiliation   Kenya Youth Empowerment and Employment Initiative (KYEEI)
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Iwill get married when I will
New Blog By wairimu  
[ 187 people have read this blog ]
Haven’t you found Mr. Right? Asks mum as she gazes at me straight, Look at your small sister’s kids; both are now growing tits, And you still won’t give me a grandchild, or are your eggs chilled? But my answer remains, I will get married when I will   I will bring you a grandchild with time, but not at this time, Wh...Read On
The Six Stages of Deception
New Blog By Christ Ambassador 
[ 908 people have read this blog ]
The Six Stages of Deception Deception is a process by which wrong becomes right, and right becomes wrong. It’s a complete paradigm shift of opinions, standards and morals that is achieved softly, subtly and oft...Read On
Trading in my Academic Papers for Self Confidence
New Blog By Njuki Martin JM 
[ 367 people have read this blog ]
My name is relative. It depends on who is addressing me. My family members call me Munene wa Njuki. My younger Friends call me Marto while the older ones go all the way to 'n'-"Martin". My pupils call me Mr. Njuki. Nobody calls me Julius but it is still my name. I was not always a confident guy. I blame it on t...Read On