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Biashara Street
BiasharaStreet AKA Biashara Street

All about marketing.

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Latest Blogs by BiasharaStreet

Why your money is safe with KCB.
Posted On 21-04-2016

1461219217-KCB-QUE LOGO.gif
WHY YOUR MONEY IS SAFE WITH KCB KCB Group is a company I respect. Actually love. Their business model is good. They treat their shareholders well by paying them at least 35% of their Earning per Share. But the strength of this institution and Geographical presence was undoubtedly making it the obvious and natural choice to take over Chase Bank. CBK ...

Intensity and Wealth
Posted On 05-04-2016

INTENSITY and WEALTH: Anyone with an intention of making money must be prepared to concentrate first. In entrepreneurship, you must focus on one line of business for a start. Here, one should look at their competitive and comparative advantage to know how they can make optimum money seamlessly. The advantage may be a talent or training. In other words it would be mo...

Company breeding billions of flies on a farm to lay eggs and produce maggots.
Posted On 11/12/2014
AgriProtein (South Africa) Anything can be turned into a profitable business in Africa, including maggots. Yes, maggots! AgriProtein is a young business that is doing something very remarkable that could totally change the animal feed industry. The company is breeding billions of flies on a farm to lay eggs and produce maggots. These maggots are fed on organic waste materia...

What is this Eurobond thing
Posted On 26/06/2014

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Posted On 09/04/2014

Do You Know Your Annuity Options?
Posted On 08/04/2014

Entrepreneurship Reloaded
Posted On 23/01/2014

Tenderpreneurs Vs Entrepreneurs
Posted On 08/09/2013

Unfair Taxation
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7 Golden Sales Techniques
Posted On 02/09/2013