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Taraji Center
TarajiCenter AKA Taraji Center

Taraji Center is a life coaching and mentoring organization that equips teens and young adults with skills and strategies to thrive in life despite the distractions, pressures and challenges. The teenage years can and should be used as training ground for adult life since it is an excellent time for teen/young people to start thinking about their purpose and direction in life.

Latest Blogs by TarajiCenter

Helping Children Cope with Terrorism Attack/Disaster
Posted On 23/09/2013
Nothing can be compared to the horror of a terrorist attack….. It is unexpected and violent. It is a traumatic disaster that’s accompanied by a wide range of very powerful feelings and emotions not forgetting physical injuries & loss of lives. The effects of a terror attack may last a long time in both adults and children. Many children and young people were adversely affected by the terror attack ...

Parenting around Social Media
Posted On 17/09/2013
Raising teenagers is no easy task, it is basically parenting on another level. This has been further complicated by social media. Social media is a world with its own challenges; peer pressure, cyber bullying, stalkers, closed/open groups to join etc. Don’t get me wrong, social media has a lot of positives too….. As a parent today, how do you ensure that your child/teen/young adult gets the positive of social media rather than the negative?...

Taraji Coaching, Tuition and Relationship Support
Posted On 16/09/2013
Life coaching is a partnership where we work together to determine your goals, overcome challenges and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be for a happier, more balanced life. Taraji Teen Life coaching Taraji is offering different Life coaching options for teens/young adults supporting them to learn more about themselves, their c...