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@The best of Soko Kuu by : SokoniMix
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Kids metal seats
Cute bracelets
duvet + cover + pillowcase
8 seater van
A quiet getaway
Ladies sandals
Christian Romance e-books
Pure Cotton bed linen
Double Electric Breast Pump
Nice venue to host  guests
Rugby T shirt
Mount Longonot Day Trip hiking Safari
studio capture captivating images of your products
Aisha Fashion World Paris Hilton Jalabiya
The following products just stole the day in the market place at Soko Kuu on Facebook by 14th Sept 2012. Click product to see more details. If for one reason or the other you do not want your products archived in the Prestige Kiosks, then leave a comment and we will chuck it.

i need a 6 by 6 cotton Duvet with just two pillow cases. I also need a baby size. Can I see your samples and how much will those cost? I need an urgent reply please!
by   Margaret Owojaiye   On   06/02/2013
Hi Margaret. These products are a collection from sellers in Soko Kuu. It is a demo shop. If you check you will find other shops opened by specific owners. All the details in this particular shop incl
by   SokoniMix->Bizna On  22/02/2013
i would like the contacts of the guy selling the clutch bags Freshian Kahiu,his phone number is not included
by   Charity   On   28/05/2013
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