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By IgizaFestival  Posted On 01/11/2013    [ 1230 people have read this blog. ]
What you should know about Kreative Generation (Mchungaji & Mtumishi)

1 Their real names are Gilbert Baraza and Josephat Mchasia ((Mtumishi and Mchungaji respectively) 2 They were both street boys at one point of their lives.  3 They used to walk all the way from Kawangware to Carnivore for Churchill Show auditions then stay the whole day without food 4 They are part of a group called Krea... Read on...

By LoveDoc  Posted On 17/09/2014    [ 1209 people have read this blog. ]
Bring Back Ester Arunga #bringbackourgal

Erick Omondi's Call to bring back Ester Arunga is indeed a valid one. Hear him out:  I once met Esther Arunga while at Daystar University...I was a second year...I had tried very much to reach any Celebrity but non would pick my calls...she did pick my call... "Hey esther my name is Eric Omondi, a student at Daystar University..." I said immediately she picked... ... Read on...

By MercyKariKangangi  Posted On 23/12/2014    [ 714 people have read this blog. ]
Lets talk business

The world today is all about business.Many busineas men are being born,competition in business is at its peak,and this is what makes the world a better place.Once a time you were trending in a new technology before you know it,another person has come up with a completely new stuff.Its all about business...we speak business..we do business. We live business.Join me as i take you through this world of business.#mercykari16@gmail.com.  ... Read on...

By DGOasis  Posted On 13/08/2014    [ 1037 people have read this blog. ]
About DG Oasis South C Apartments

We promote compete living through meticulous planning, design and execution. Every amenity required for the entire family is thoughtfully provided in this self contained development offering you complete peace of mind. The 3 bed roomed exclusive apartments have a contemporary edge and have been optimally designed to enhance comfort and convenience. The apartment floor area is 1800 sqft. Amenities include panoramic lifts, covered parking for all cars, and intuitively planned landscaped spaces that cater to all age groups. Other amenities adjoining&... Read on...

By MusembiNjoroge  Posted On 16/02/2015    [ 614 people have read this blog. ]

A lot has been said concerning the way we think and act. Often, the difference between the developed and the under-developed world has been blamed on racism. Today I choose to nullify that ideology. We are what we are because of what flows from our minds. The worse part of the truth is the cause of what flows from our minds.Generally the things we hear, see or encounter on the daily basis, greatly influence the way we think. This is where the concept of brainwash gains validity. Brain wash, in my own words, is a state of the mind whereby somebody's way of thinking is influenced and controlled by another person. You exactly think the way the person in control wants you to think. Friends I tell you, this... Read on...