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by MargieCiku Posted on 12-06-2016
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It has been let’s say a decade since I cleared high school and believe you me it has been quite a journey. If I may put it in black and white, it has had its share of good and bad; bumps, potholes and smooth roads; rainy days and sunny days. All an experience I will forever treasure for I have learnt a lot and I mean A LOT!

I have tried fighting a couple of academic battles to see if I can fit in the so-coveted money market. Them having a share of their juice as well. One of the best lesson learnt was when I was just about to join my so-long-awaited university admission....but come to think of it, the lesson came way much later though it was meant to be on the 1st day.

Any who, here I am ready to join university so psyched up on how I will finally appear on the screens as I aspired to be a well-known and sort for journalist. 5 days down the line, I realize I felt sickly often in the morning and I could not allow the thought of visiting a hospital ruin my so ready-to-read sprit. All in all mother nature won and I had to go to the hospital a week later and yes just as you thought, the devil had planted the Adams apple right in the middle of my belly….

Here comes the doctor, “Congratulations madam” … How can this be happening, I was only a week old in school yet I was 4months pregnant that can’t be. I had to do something about it or else…either school or the baby. Bearing in mind I came from a strict Christian family, my father a respected elder in church. My mother oh my, the community knew her so well; chairlady of the so-much-feared group ‘Wanawake Wa Maendeleo, Kutetea Haki Za Wasichana’.

How do I face them? Lucky I was at the waiting bay shocked, contemplating and not even the doctor who broke the news to me nor the nurses who passed by either chatting or in a rush could read my mind. Long story short, I had to go home and think. Think really hard so I got the sick leave sheet and being a new student, the administration allowed my leave.

At home…”what is wrong, you are back less than a month from when you went” asks my mother. “Nothing mum, I just came to pick some more clothes as it’s really cold in school and wouldn’t want to fall ill you….” best lie I could give. Huh!

Days passed by and with a friend who knew a friend who knew another friend came along and yes, I had decided it was now or never. I bid my parents goodbye and off back to ‘school’. I had chosen my education and though behind my back I knew the devil was laughing all the way to the bank.

Though they say life has no rehearsal i think my lesson was just beginning ........



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