With my mouse I click delete
by PoemsnPoets Posted on 13/01/2012
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Sitting at my computer
Looking at the screen
Fingers on the keyboard
Feet all tucked in neat
Adorned in my robes of judgment
The world now at my feet
And play the part of some great God
Upon the judgment seat

I watch the posted words
Come up upon my screen
And when I look at some of them
I feel that I should scream
They took my words of wisdom
And with a little twist
They typed in their opinions
As if mine didn't even exist

So now they all face judgment
And very low they go
I analyzed their little thoughts
And found grades from one to six
My words of wisdom I did reread
And a fair grade I did fix
The way I saw it from this seat
Was at least grade ninety-six

All other posts have faced defeat
And with my mouse
I click delete



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